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The patented Stroll-Smart hands free jogger stroller adaptor was co-developed by Sarah Ray Fay and her husband Phil.

Sarah loved taking her young child out in the jogger stroller but consistently found it uncomfortable not being able to swing her arms while jogging or walking. She would often push the jogging stroller with one hand, freeing up one arm to swing naturally.

Sarah also noticed other parents with jogging strollers doing the same thing, sometimes even pushing the jogger stroller ahead and running to catch up!

After many years of developing and testing prototypes Stroll-Smart was born, adding the perfect addition to your jogging stroller.

Stroll-Smart is a lightweight, hands-free adaptor that attaches to virtually any jogging stroller.

Stroll-Smart is headquartered in Truckee, California, USA.

Did you know? * 50% of runners nationwide who injured themselves this year were running to often and incorrectly!

* Physical Trainer : Stew Smith