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Stroll-Smart Releases The Worlds First Recoiling Hands Free Jogging Stroller Adaptor.

(San Jose, CA) April 17th 2006 -- Introducing Stroll-Smart, a revolutionary new device that allows parents to run hands-free with their jogging strollers resulting in greater comfort, freedom, safety, and efficiency.

Endorsed by a leading chiropractor, the Stroll-Smart Hands-Free Adaptor alleviates the need to constantly push the stroller with one's hands, therefore freeing the body to run (or walk) with proper and natural posture.

Pilates instructors are also raving about Stroll-Smart, since the mechanics of the product promote and encourage proper core form. Stephanie Keller, a Pilates instructor from Switzerland said "I am constantly reminded to pull in my stomach and work from the core of my body while running or walking. This is a great asset to anyone who has just had a baby and needs to tighten the abdominal muscles. Furthermore, because the stomach muscles are pulled in and working, the lower back is automatically supported." 

Stroll-Smart was designed by Sarah Ray-Fay, an interior designer and active parent who loved taking her young son out in the jogging stroller but found it to be consistently uncomfortable and even unnatural feeling.  She would often push the stroller with one hand at a time, freeing her body from hunching over the handlebar and allowing one arm to swing naturally. 

Sarah noticed that almost all parents pushed the jogger stroller in the same manner, sometimes even propelling their strollers far ahead and running to catch up!  She felt it was essential to design a hands-free adaptor that would allow parents to use their jogging strollers comfortably and enjoyably. 

After 6 years of developing and testing prototypes, Sarah formed the company Stroll-Smart and is now introducing her revolutionary new product to the marketplace. 

The Stroll-Smart adaptor consists of two parts:  first, a wide, flexible neoprene belt that wraps around the user's waist and secures at the back with Velcro. 

The belt includes 2 pockets suitable for MP3 Player, keys or change and also has a large reflective safety strip at the back.  The front of the belt has a flap that encloses the plastic adaptor and secures with Velcro and quick release clips. Second, the ergonomically designed adaptor attaches to the stroller handlebar via two lure lock (bayonet) connectors.   These connectors are not permanent and easily attach on and off as the user wishes. 

When in use, a series of internal springs prevent oscillation between the user's body and the stroller, allowing the user to maintain a natural running stride. Users will immediately notice a much more enjoyable run.  A complete video demonstration of the product in action is available online. 

The Stroll-Smart adaptor was beta tested by the Northern California Chapter of Stroller Strides, an organized fitness group for moms. Jogging strollers are an integral part of the exercise routine in these daily classes, allowing moms to bring their babies along.  Nicole Johnston, an instructor with Stroller Strides said "Running with the Stroll-Smart made my run so much easier. I could still enjoy time with my baby and yet maintain good form for my run. I had better arm action and great leg room because I was not forced to be so close to the jogger. Yet, I still felt the resistance of the jogger which makes me a stronger runner overall. Thank you for a unique product!" 

The Stroll-Smart has also been endorsed by award-winning chiropractor Dr. Deborah Mosca of Los Altos, California, who noted, "For less than half the cost of a chiropractic evaluation, you can purchase the Stroll-Smart adaptor and enjoy a healthy and pain-free run with your children. This is the smartest biomechanical invention I have seen and the wisest investment you could make in your health."

The Stroll-Smart Hands-Free Adaptor will be released at this year's JPMA (Juvenile Products and Manufacturers) trade show in Orlando, Florida, May 8th - 10th  (Booth number 673) where it has been entered into the Innovative Product Awards and the New Products Showcase.

Pre-orders are available via the Stroll-Smart website and Stroll-Smart is offering free shipping and handling for all orders placed prior to May 15, 2006. The retail price is $49.95 and the estimated shipping date for pre-orders is also May 15, 2006. 

Interested press can download the hands free adaptor photographs under the press section at the Stroll-Smart website.



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