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I have a double Bob stroller that I use it with and it is an AWESOME way for me to still keep running with my two kids

Erin Prijatelj, Texas HTML / JPG / PDF

I LOVE this product.  It's amazing how much of a

difference it has made in my workout.

M Pruter, North Carolina HTML / JPG / PDF

I really liked the product. I find it very useful in my lifestyle, I love to jog and it is very comfortable to feel the experience to jogging having a nice posture and hands free!

Ana Diaz, Instructor Stroller Strides, Palo Alto, CA

I have never seen anything like this, it blends in and look s like part of my jogger stroller.

Nicole, Mountain View, CA

It was great to be able to concentrate on my running stride instead of hunching over the stroller. Some people along the trail were impressed by the contraption.

Erika Eastman, Stroller Strides, El Dorado Hills, CA

WOW! the experience is incredible, using the jogger/ stroller is now a delight! A very quick learning curve!

Sharon Frozberg, Washington, DC

Now there are no excuses for not excercising with the jogger/ stroller! The hands free device works extremely well.

Elisa Fuller M.D, Scottsdale, AZ

For everyone with a jogging stroller the Stroll-Smart hands free adaptor is a must! Before, I would run holding on to the jogging stroller, then push and let go, catch up and repeat the process. It never seemed safe and was far more tiring than necessary. Stroll-Smart has solved the problem and parents can now use their jogging strollers in comfort and safety.

Suzie, Arizona.

Using the Stroll-Smart hands free adaptor with the jogging stroller is a more pleasurable experience. Not only for running but also for walking, The additional pockets also add greater functionality so I no longer need to wear clothing with pockets........GREAT IDEA!

Rebecca, California.

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*Mayo Medical Foundation and research (MFMER)

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